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Article-“The Band Leader” Jan-Feb 1972


The tenth annual meeting of the Daylesford and District Municipal Band, was very well attended.

The retiring president, Mr John Walker, in his annual report, thanked the band members and  committee for their full support and cooperation throughout his three years of office.

He wished the incoming president and committee every success as the band, which was re-formed 10 years ago, was now well established.

As their successes in band competitions showed, it was well on the way towards remaining an important part of the municipality in the future.

Competition successes were at the Ballarat Begonia Festival, and in the D grade section at the Ballarat South Street competitions last year.

During the year the band affiliated with the Midlands Band Group, and a combined band recital is arranged to take place at the new Hepburn Springs Sound Shell on 13th February.

The bandmaster, Mr Sam Smart, successfully introduced a scheme to raise funds for the purchase of new instruments. This fund had already passed the $1000 dollar mark.

Mr. Smart said that, to completely re-equip the band with new instruments would cost about $7000.

“It has not been an easy year, but I am looking forward to the future with every confidence,” Mr Smart said.

The treasurer, Mr. W. Wood, said in the presentation of the financial report that the band has a credit balance of $533.99 in its instrument fund. The expenditure from the account during this year had been $724.

This meant more than $1200 was handled in the course of the year. In the general account the credit balance was $212.

Secretary, Mr. Andy Williams, who was the foundation president, commented on the great work done by Mr. Smart, and thanked him for the players’ progress.

Deputy bandmaster, Mr George Harmon, reported that the young learners, were doing well.

Cr Nevill occupied the chair for the election of new officers and congratulated the retiring committee on its excellent years of service and interest in the local band.

Those elected were: President, Mr John Clark; senior vice-president, Cr R. Nevill; junior vice-president, Mr Keith Fuller; secretary, Mr Andrew Williams Snr.; treasurer, Mr W. W. Wood; bandmaster, Mr Sam Smart; deputy bandmaster, Messrs G. Harman, J Oglethorpe; drum-major, Mr Cliff Sampson; band sergeant, Mr B. Donohue; property steward, Mr Don Doherty.

The new president, Mr John Clark, thanked the members for their confidence in electing him and asked for the continued and loyal support of all committee members.

At the request of the retiring president, Mr John Walker, Mr Jim Minotti, who has served as a playing band member for 58 years, was made a life member in appreciation of his work and lifetime interest in the band. His late father Dante Minotti was a player for some 40 years before him.


The bands of the Midlands Group held a most successful massed recital at Hepburn Springs on Sunday, 13th February. Member bands – Ballarat Soldiers Memorial, Ballarat City, Beaufort, Creswick and Daylesford – were well represented, together with visitors from bands in neighbouring groups.

The Ballarat Soldiers and Beaufort bands, having new low-pitched instruments took the stage together and under their respective bandmasters Messrs. Frank James and Lee Wallis, in turn, rendered a bracket of numbers. Mr Geoff Smith of Ballarat Soldiers, was featured as a cornet soloist.

Conducted by bandmasters Sam Smart, Russ Clogan and TomRoss, the Daylesford, Ballarat City and Creswick bands presented the second half of the programme.

Cr. George Barron, president of the Daylesford and Glenlyon Shire, extended a welcome to the visiting bands and spoke highly of the bands’ presentation. He said that it was encouraging to see such a big audience and hoped for a continuance of band concerts in the Shires’ new sound shell, together with a continuance of large and appreciative audiences.

The sound shell has been constructed in a natural amphitheatre and possesses first-class acoustic qualities. All bandsmen were well pleased with their days outing.

At a delegates meeting held in the Ballarat Soldiers’ Memorial bandroom on 4th March reports dealing with the band Sundays held recently at Hepburn Springs and Beaufort were received. Discussion took place on ways and means of improving certain aspects of future fixtures.

To be made an order of the day for the next delegates meeting is a discussion on a suggestion that the group hold a Christmas “get-together” in the form of a quartette and septette contest. Each group band to enter one septette and one quartette. This could be a most interesting innovation.